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Lead Paint Removal – our environmentally safe non toxic removal system

As a Master Painter & Decorator, much of our work involves restoration, where strict environmental guidelines are crucial to the project.

Paint containing lead was used in many of Shepparton's and Melbourne’s early public buildings and period homes. Buildings erected before 1970 are most at risk, but those built more recently, may also have paint containing lead in some areas. Exposure to lead is a health hazard. Even small amounts of dust or chips of paint containing lead, generated during minor home repairs, can be a health risk. Anyone painting a house or doing maintenance that could disturb paint containing lead should avoid exposing themselves to its hazards.

We are specialised in the removal of lead paint and use specific paint strippers that effectively remove architectural, industrial and lead paints. This non-toxic paint removal system is formulated without methylene chloride and is non-carcinogenic, non-caustic and non inflammable. It is also low in VOCs, has low odour and is bio-degradable.

We are accredited in lead paint removal and follow the guidelines published on the environmental.vic.gov.au website. It warns do it yourself renovators on the risks associated with paint containing lead and on practical steps to keep those risks as low as possible. It recommends ideally that houses with paint containing lead should be assessed and the appropriate steps to deal with the problem should be taken by trained professionals.

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Kensington Town Hall, Melbourne
Hawthorn Period Home


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